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Many of us dream of pop stardom, with all the glitz and glamour that it entails, and living the high life as an international superstar. If this is you, then I am afraid I am going to have to burst your bubble, and bring you back down to earth again, as recent studies show, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and that job in a local burger bar, seems more and more attractive.

As an International music journalist and session drummer, I have rubbed shoulders with many talents in the industry, some of which have shot to fame and some who are still struggling, but they all have the same opinion when it comes to the journey.
Recently I have spoken to a select few solo artists and bands from across the UK and the States, including music producers, managers and promoters, to get a general feel of the fast paced life that is “Pop Stardom”, and to see if I could get a wider focus on what the general feeling is in the industry, and to what really goes on “Behind the stardust”.