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Stargazer Music Magazine was created by music lovers, for music lovers, and is single-handedly run by our CEO and International Music Journalist, Ian Davies, who has over 35 years experience in the industry. Here we offer something very different with our video presentations, promoting many artists and bands from around the world, and their new releases, from semi professional, to high profile and the A list celebrity.

Stargazer Music Magazine does not accept unconsolidated requests from independent artists, instead, and to guarantee quality, we work closely with Record Companies, Labels and Music Media Agencies around the world, who liaise with us on behalf of the artist. We advise any artist or band to go through this procedure, and we also invite any of the above organisations to contact us via the contact section here at the magazine, selecting the relevant email.

We continue to grow month by month, and now with 84’446 viewers and readers worldwide, are continually working to expand and deliver our service globally. Our work with, Record Companies, Music Media PR Agencies, Record Labels, Talent Shows and Radio Stations sets the standard, where together we Connect The World Through Music.

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