The secret of any great LIVE gig, is to have the ability to explode across any stage and deliver a high octane performance, literally tearing the roof of a venue, leaving the crowd wanting more, and eating out of your hands.
This is something that comes naturally for the powerhouse that is BlitZ, with avid fans chomping at the bit at any venue to get their very own pole position at the footlights, the result of which is a sea of heads all punching the air for more, pushing the band harder and faster, and making every single performance as memorable as the last.

After the release of their 7 track EP in 2016, followed by their debut album Welcome To The Rock Show in 2019, the band received staggering reviews from around the world, taking them right to where they need to be in the industry.

Their 2nd album Fight To Survive, released in August 2020, hit the ground running, receiving equally amazing reviews, and played via radio stations countrywide.

Although the band had great plans to promote what is now a vast catalogue of original tracks via their Live shows in 2020, plans were curtailed somewhat due to the global crisis, however the boys recorded a song in lockdown called We’re Alright, keeping up their connection with their fans, global recognition and promotion.

After a chance meeting in 2015, and a mutual admiration of a Kiss tattoo at a rehearsal studio, lead Vocalist Stuart Corden and Lead Guitarist Kevin Simpson struck up a friendship that would later take them on the musical journey of their lives.

Soon the writing process got underway, and realizing they were onto something big, they enlisted the thunderous talents of drummer Mathew Davis, completing the jigsaw.

Based in Nottingham, here in the UK, their anthemic, melodic yet hard sound soon raised heads, as they spread the word performing across the UK, drawing on many influences that can now be described as 100% BlitZ, as they now embrace everything from Queen, Metallica and Prince to create their sound with no boundaries.

Now with a positive outlook, their sound consists of Kevin Simpson-Guitar, Stuart Corden-Vocals and Bass with Mathew Davis on Drums/vocals, and since their formation have never given up on their dream, embracing the life they have now created around music and friendship. This strong driving force creates the kind of music that inspired them to play in the first place, and as a result, deliver a Top Notch Rock Show.

Stuart draws his vocal inspiration from Kiss, Queen, Prince, Cheap Trick, and Bruce Springsteen, with his bass technique being one and the same, giving him the right amount of attitude and drive to conduct his audience from the footlights.

Kevin leans on Queen, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, Slade, Metallica, Slayer and Van Halen as his mentors, giving him just the right amount of edge needed to power his axe across any sea of heads that stand before him, as he cuts the air with some energized riffs and solos.

Mathew, had his sights set a little harder over the years, absorbing his thunder from Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot and Anthrax, an influence that would later help him power the engine for BlitZ from the riser, driving his machine at breakneck speed as he stokes the fire within the trio.

As a band, anything from Rock, Funk, Metal and Pop gets the heart of BlitZ pumping, and as a result earned their place at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms twice, treading the same boards as some very well-known acts, and have since opened for The New Roses, Zodiac Mindwarp and Marco Mendoza.

And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, I believe in Xmas.

There is nothing like a good Rock n Roll show through the festive period, with a great many bands performing well known tracks through an electric atmosphere, something that BlitZ does faultlessly, almost making every day like Christmas at any of their performances.

The song speaks of making it through another year, something we can all relate to in 2020. The track also reflects on childhood memories, and the magic of Christmas that can be seen every year through the eyes of a child, and regained by adults, if you just believe.

What stands out here is how the band has harnessed that very same party atmosphere, making this an extremely memorable track, with a perfect semi acapella breakdown in the midsection, allowing every last fan standing to join in with them from sofa to stage, setting it high on the wish list each year. And as their popularity grows further, I’m sure that I Believe In Xmas is a track that will be covered by many in years to come, something that they can take pride in.

Written and produced by the band to raise money for Cancer Research, the track has already raised over £1000 for the cause, and the band hope, as we all do, that it will continue to climb.

2020 has been a trying year for many of us in many ways, and what BlitZ have done to perfection here, is bring back a spirit that we thought was lost. Many of us may not have much this Christmas, for many reasons, but what is important is not what you want, but who you are with.

Star Rating – 10/10

To close, I asked the boys if there was anything else they wanted our readers to know, they told me;

“Please get behind this single for the charity and keep supporting original music, and support local bands and venues”.

So why not clear a space in your collection, get behind this very worthy cause and give BlitZ a try this Christmas.


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