Brian Baker


Brian Baker

Cooking up another musical masterpiece, Brian Baker serves up yet another delicious delight from a platter of perfection recorded at his studio aptly titled The Bakery, only this time teasing our taste buds with an infectious groove that leans on a slightly darker subject matter than one would expect.

Previously a featured artist here at Stargazer Music Magazine with his single Let Me Be My Crazy back in the summer of 2020, you may already of had your fill of Brian’s multifaceted back catalogue of achievements and experiences, but if not, let’s recap to refresh your memory.

Originally from New Zealand, Brian moved to Australia in 1980 to further his career in music, and since that time has performed with many Australian bands, securing a Sony recording deal with The Ones. Along the way, Brian completed his first placement with the Australian rock band X-Men, and their second album Colour Your Answer Blue. Soon after writing and recording his top 20 single, Heart, with The Ones, released on the Sony label, he went on to co-write the score for the movie Rikki and Pete, with Eddie Rayner from Split Enz and Crowded House fame. Eddie and Brian continued to work together as

The Makers, publishing 2 CDs through the Warner Brothers East West label, including the bestselling single Big Picture.

Together with drummer Michael Barker, they toured Australia and New Zealand with the B52’s, and appeared on TV shows like MTV, Countdown, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Tonight Live and The Midday Show.

Since that time, multi-instrumentalist Brian Baker, has been pushing the boundaries of a natural born talent for many years now, taking his recognition further into the stratosphere within the music industry, and highly respected in many circles from stage to screen, delighting audiences far and wide lending his hand to guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, drums and percussion.

Not short of inspiration, Brian tailored every composition from the idyllic surroundings of the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia with a passion for the environment, Buddhism and themes that radiate though his work found evident in every song written, music composed and videos produced, fully immersing himself within his productions, along with projects of others.

The birth of his songwriting stems from the teachings of Professor Pat Pattison of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and with an undying hunger to learn more about his craft, Brian enrolled in his class for lyric writing and poetry, and is now fully equipped with every tool needed for his continued success.

Brian later signed a deal with Fable Music/The Image Label, with a view to produce library music, the result of which is still being used today worldwide. His career to date has given him the chance to write and record numerous radio and TV jingles, along with short film and documentary scores, and has performed at countless shows. Writing and recording music and lyrics to the highest of standards puts Brian at the top of his profession, and offers that same expertise from his recording studio

The Bakery, producing, co-writing and assisting with songwriting and recording for a wide range of artists.

But 2020, brought a further change for Brian, returning back home to New Zealand from whence he came, going full circle to his creative origins, yet still firing on all cylinders.

Now with a new single in play so to speak, it has later been discovered that the track had a more personal and deeper connection with Brian, involving his recent move, where its very essence reflects what was going on in this highly creative mind at the time of its birth, as Brian explains;

“There are times when you need to walk away and let it go, to lose yourself.”

So I went on to ask Brian how his environment effects his songwriting, he went on to tell me;

“Living here is pretty up close to nature, and is something I like. It’s not always comfortable or easy, but it helps me see that we’re part of that picture almost like caretakers not dominators.”

Almost prophesized, I asked Brian how much of this song was based on current global events, he told me;

“I really had no idea how prescient the lyrics would be. At the end of 2020 it was time for me to return home. I moved from Melbourne, Australia, back to what I consider to be my spiritual home in Northland, New Zealand.”

Finally, I asked Brian about the origin of the song and how it came about, he went on to add;

“Our ideas of ourselves, our place, our purpose are impermanent and can change. Ideas and expectations of love can also change, but somehow, life and love continue. This is that idea in a song.”

And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, Sometimes You Lose Yourself.

Whether it be losing the plot, yourself or your identity, this track resonates on a great many levels as Brian Baker embarks on a journey of self-discovery, taking his dream out on a crazy ride. It’s always said that a change is as good as a rest, and although for many of us our hands have been forced lately, this single, almost preordained, reflects on the mind-set of many, where we ourselves haven’t been able to see the wood for the trees, losing ourselves completely, or worse still, everything else.

In life, you are the pilot of your own destiny, and you must blaze a trail and make it count, focusing on your dreams, letting nothing negative stand in your way, remembering that a twist of fate can always turn back on you, whereas a leap of faith is always a step in the right direction.
This was a decision that Brian made for himself, reflected in the very essence of this song, and although written before the pandemic, his words are just as true today as they were when first written. Over the years, Brian’s branches have been spread far and wide, but his roots have always remained close to home, and although this track displays a happy outer shell, what lies within is reflective in nature helping us remember that life can change within a blink of an eye.

Star Rating – 10/10

Artists that are the full package are very rare and are very much the unsung heroes in the industry, often hidden away in their small scenes, delighting audiences and receiving accolades from fellow writers and musicians and never really reaching the masses to a much larger appreciation.

Now it’s your chance to enjoy the music from this prolific writer and instrumentalist. His music has been described as

Simply Wonderful and Real Songwriting, and while being satisfyingly Grungy and Rocky at times, Weird and Experimental in others, but through it all, he never really leaves the realms of a strong lyric and a memorable melody, and sets the cornerstone of a great song and a great artist.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Brian Baker a try for 2021.


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