Dead Mode



With the world being grossly miss managed of late on many levels through a multitude of factors, DEAD MODE leaps into existence with a view to not only be a unified voice of the people, but to re-educate the world and open their eyes to this flagrant behaviour.

This NEW band, with a NEW sound and a NEW beginning truly know who they are and what they stand for.

Individually the boys have shared stages with Megadeth, Fear Factory, Slipknot and Shrillex, rubbing shoulders with a multitude of well-known names within the industry today. Now this collaboration of Creative Connoisseurs takes the bull by the horns, joining forces to hit us hard with their take on the world, all inspired by our recent Global Crisis.

Remaining completely anonymous and harnessing a mix of genres including Rock, Metal, Hip-hop, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Industrial, DEAD MODE bring us an intense catalogue of tracks that represent an anger towards our world leaders, and the greed that feeds politics and the gradual destruction of humanity and the planet. Now, enough is enough for the band, as their collective views would agree that the world is on an unsustainable trajectory in virtually every conceivable way, and something needs to change, and change soon.

Based worldwide, with members widespread throughout many countries of the world, the band formed in 2020 as a response to the world falling apart. The various global lockdowns gave the band time to realize something needed to be done, and so started to piece it all together, and found previously written lyrics, and subject matter, started to make more sense than ever.

With 5 core members, the boys also collaborate with up to 9 members on stage. And with their multifaceted compendium of vast experience, knowledge and professionalism, and having toured with some of the biggest bands in the world in the US, Europe and the UK , this band of brothers are all primed and ready to go when the world opens again.

After writing together and knowing each other for years, their collective anger is aimed squarely at the centres of power, with a shared view that music can connect and help spread a message, and all share the very same view that they have some sort of responsibility to help raise the volume of the voices, with a strong need to be heard and fully intend to scream their message in their faces.

With a wide range of influences, DEAD MODE believes liking one genre of music is like only liking one genre of film, and that it would only limit your abilities. The world and the public in general are able to accept more than Traditional Record Labels are willing to invest as a result, as nothing new is breaking through. And with their own personal tastes ranging Dr Dre to

Cannibal Corpse, the varied flavours they bring to the table have resulted in a deliciously varied menu.

With that said, their aim is to create pure energy from their songs, offering an intense snapshot of how they feel.

There are no rules, with politics and social issues the order of the day through their lyrical influences. Musically, the band draw from all genres, with a dominant sound that falls on the heavier side of the line.

In a recent interview I asked the boys what drives them as a band, they told me;

“A sense that we are in a slow motion apocalypse and someone needs to call it out for what it is”.

So with that said I went on to ask what the meaning was behind the band name, they went on to add;

“DEAD MODE refers to how we feel about the world. The global lockdown amplified this feeling. All our other bands had to come off tour. The world was already falling apart, but the pandemic put it on steroids. The music industry is broken. The world is broken. Everything is broken. Our leaders have weaponized anxiety and have cashed in for their own benefit while the planet rots around us. They do not represent the people in any country. The wealth gap alone tells us this. It’s a daylight hustle”.

I followed this up by asking what they have you learnt about themselves as musicians on their your journey so far, they told me;

“That we know who we are and what we stand for. We want equality and for everyone to have access to our message. That’s why we are giving our music away. We want to ensure it is available to those who don’t have the luxury of money – and that’s a lot of people”.

With members spread far and wide, I asked the DEAD MODE about their songwriting process and how they would overcome any creative blocks, they went on to tell me;

“It comes in waves, but is often sparked by current political or social issues. We are a collaboration so present ideas to each other constantly. The album is a selection of that music. We find that having multiple projects tends to stop writer’s block. Block tends to happen when you are focused on one style of song or one project. DEAD MODE is much more experimental so houses a lot of those ideas that are hard to place in traditional band set ups”.

I followed this up by asking why they chose to remain anonymous, they told me;

“We hide our identities because we want the focus to be on the message. Oscar Wilde said it best – Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. For us, DEAD MODE is an amplification of one element of our personalities”.

I went on to ask what they enjoy most about being in this band, they went on to tell me;

“The freedom and versatility to do whatever we want, whenever we like. We have played together for years in various forms.

Being anonymous means the focus is on what matters”.

I went on to ask if there was anything they wished they had known before starting their career in music, they went on to say;

“How corrupt the industry is – It’s a total exploitation model and I don’t think it would be fair to call it anything else. Even big artists are talking about it – something needs to change. Bands can’t survive in the current set up”.

And that brings me nicely to this self-titled album in question here, DEAD MODE.

This brutal attack on the senses takes us on a roller coaster ride through a great many styles, layered in such a way that this mix of genres portrays the mood of each track to perfection, taking the listener through many emotions, as the band paint the perfect picture in sound.

Saying it as it is, these Masked Marauders show us a window to the world as it is today, and has been for a very long time.

But this isn’t just a chink in the glass they use to help us see, they pretty much smash the glass to give us a first hand view of what we are all so blinkered to, and what the powers that be, only want us to see, and with all good intentions tell us to wake up and smell the roses, as DEAD MODE are by no means backward at coming forward here.

Many of us see life, and the world as we want to see it through rose coloured glasses, sadly those glasses are cracked, and give us all a disjointed view to what’s really going on. Now singing from a very different hymn sheet, our Candid Vigilantes preach their gospel loud and proud to the masses, and in visuals alone as seen above, get their point across perfectly.

At this point in any article, I would be commenting on quality, style and musical ability, but here I won’t insult these well-known professionals, as their previous contributions to music have laid the cornerstone in the industry today.

Although our Camouflaged Crusaders will never be revealed, they will never lack fans either, as they hold the recipe to success in all they do, individually tried and tested over many years in their personal careers. Their multifaceted sound will most certainly have fans chomping at the bit at any arena, ready to get their very own pole position at the footlights.

Star Rating – 10/10

Star Suggestion-

If ever there were four tracks to tempt the listener into downloading this album they would be –
“Burn It To The Ground”, A Time To Die”, “Who Can You Trust” and “Shots Fired”.

To close, I asked the band if there was anything else they wanted our readers to know, they wrapped things up by telling me;

“We intend to release music more frequently via our website found below.

The album, art and videos are all completely free on the site. In return we ask those that are in a position to support us by buying merch. The most important thing to us is that it reaches people and helps make their life better in some way”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give DEAD MODE a try for 2021.


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