Hidden in the shadows since 2018, relentlessly perfecting their craft, Post-Metalcore band Dreameater now make their presence known, stirring up a storm in their local area, on a mission to hit the UK hard. Now, not pulling any punches in getting their point across, the boys launch a brutal attack on the airwaves, and anyone that stands before them, as they now launch themselves into the stratosphere, all guns blazing, saying it as it is right from the footlights, as every venue throbs with extreme energy, as it pulses through the solar plexus, punching the air with sound.
Based in Andover, Hampshire here in the UK, and formed in 2018, the line-up consists of –

Sam Culverwell – Vocals, Lukas Tiley – Guitar, Gareth Jones – Bass, and Olly Newcombe – Drums.

Sam, started taking his vocals seriously aged 11, and soon started focusing on screaming when he was 13, spending 9 years cutting his teeth with such acts as My Chemical Romance, Northlane and Linkin Park.

Lukas, started playing guitar casually around the age of 12, but wasn’t until he was14 when he realised his talent, and soon took steps to further his craft to play guitar professionally, constantly pushing himself to expand his horizons, leaning on inspirations such as Crystal Lake, Metallica, Thy Art Is Murder and Northlane to find his niche.

Gareth, previously played in a band with Olly when they were younger, and pretty much have each other pegged in the rhythm section, and learnt his craft listening to Polaris, knocked loose, Wage War and Malevolence.

Olly, has worked well with his partner in crime Gareth for a few years now, and that previous project has boded them well, and are both no strangers to laying down the groove. Olly, first started pounding the skins, listening to Northlane, Linkin Park, Slipknot and Korn.

As a band, Alpha Wolf, Void of Vision, Crystal Lake, Knocked Loose and Bring Me the Horizon has given them the direction needed for success, and since their union, have performed a great many venues in their local area.

In a recent interview, I asked the band what are their favourite venues to play, they told me;

“Performing at The Joiners in Southampton, because of the nostalgia from all the shows we’ve played, and been to over the years. It’s a very special venue, and we have played alongside Harmef, The City Is Ours and Palm Reader, all we’re so sick LIVE”.

I went on to ask what drives them as a band, whereupon Sam told me;

“My drive really is wanting to relate to people the way bands relate to me and help me, as cliché as it sounds. Our lyrics are always super honest, as I’m normally not in a good mood when writing them, as they touch on quite heavy subjects like mental health. But, although the lyrics are dark, there’s always an underlying theme of hope, and to keep fighting”.

Lukas followed this up by telling me;

“What I believe that drives us the most, is the constant growth and skill for ourselves individually, and as a whole band, albeit from our LIVE shows, recordings and behind the scenes work. We try to use this to make Dreameater more relatable and enjoyable for all of our fans, and anyone that discovers our music”.

Gareth added;

“Success from gaining new fans, and reaching new listeners”.

And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, “Shatter”.

Focussed on facing your demons head on, and escaping from the mental torment that plagues the mind, this single counter attack’s the battle, with a view to kill the demon and help with the struggle. The video, 3rd in a series, follows Ami’s struggle to flee from her suffering, giving us the perfect visual storyboard, and something that many of us can relate to in one way or another at some point in our lives, as the story continues from previous releases “Shadow” and “Suffer”. If watched back to back with accompanying tracks, the songs and the visuals will set the scene perfectly, as it walks you through the storyboard itself. The intro, projects a very mournful glow, as it stirs the senses and the dark recesses of the mind, almost searching your soul before pinning you to the wall, before the script is read with a brutal fury. Musically, this single is a masterstroke of pure genius, with great fret effects and pick slides, taking the musical storyboard further into the projection of despair, in a mind- blowing syncopated union of musicianship.
Vocally, although a screaming technique, the full vocal range here is one to be admired, almost drawing his fury from the fiery pit itself, projected with earth shattering results.

To close, this single along with the full collection, is perfectly placed as a movie soundtrack, with their videos alone giving any producer something to consider, as their subject matter hits on something that is very real, giving you a first-hand view of the mental torment that many of us just suffer in silence.

So why not clear a space in your collection, and give Dreameater a try for 2020


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