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Fire follows

With a very seasoned sound, Heavy Nu Metal band Fire Follows strikes the perfect balance in not only their music, but the way it’s composed, putting the cat amongst the pigeons within their genre, and various sub genres for that matter, offering a unique flow to their music production from studio to stage.

The starting block for every track originates on piano to create a melodic and dynamic undercurrent, and to ensure its coloured with enough ambient textures before the full band light the fuse.

In addition, the use of vocal elements from every conceivable genre of music is found present in their compositions, from

Rap to Scream, using highly melodic/harmonized vocal arrangements and lyrical depth, all adding flesh to the bones and displaying and true passion and love in everything they do.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and brainchild from a solo project, Chris Watt soon realized the potential in what had been a labour of love since 2019, and soon enlisted his good friend of many years, Tim Yunker to help on vocals.

As soon as the nucleus of the band was set and they had a clear vision that they were onto something, Chris contacted old friend Emily Gould for drum duties, forming the trio we see and hear today. By 2020 they stepped into the studio together for the first time with explosive results, teaming up with Chris’s brother Tyler Watt for backing/scream vocals, along with a few acoustic performances.

Chris, Tyler and Emily all have very broad musical tastes, ranging from Country to Metal with Tim leaning more towards Gospel and Soul and the Hip Hop world as well, all performing since the tender age of 10.

As a band, the aim is to have the most powerful and dynamic music possible, as inspirations fall on Breaking Benjamin,

Linkin Park, and From Ashes To New.
Due to the current global crisis, any Live performances have been curtailed somewhat, yet performances locally for this summer are already in the pipeline, with a line-up that now consists of Tyler Watt – Vocals, Chris Watt – Vocals/Guitar/Keys, Tim Yunker – Vocals and Emily Gould on Drums.

The members have all been performing for a number of years, first picking up their chosen instrument at a young age, with Char originally the songwriter, before becoming a full time member in 2020.

Eddie, The Alpha Wolf, draws his inspiration from Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Biffy Clyro and Fleetwood Mac, and now proudly fronts the band courtesy of his mentors.

Char, The Luna Wolf, tailors her style with Tash Sultana, Slipknot, Brother and Bones, Billie Eilish and Atilla by her side, who not only sets the standard in her performance, but her lyricism also.

Kieran, The Omega Wolf, cut his teeth with The Cure, Queen, The Who, Rage Against the Machine, Joy Division, and Queens of the Stone Age, and now cuts the perfect groove with partner in crime Liam in the rhythm section.

Liam, The Delta Wolf, leans on The Mars Volta, Biffy Clryo, Prince, Rival Sons and Queens of the Stone Age to create his thunder, and now sits proudly on the riser, stoking the engine with wingman Kieran on bass.

As a band, although a style of their own, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons sets the standard in their style in both performance and composition.

So I asked the band if they have the same persona on and off stage, they went on to add;

“No not at all. The stage brings out something different in all of us”.

Finally, I asked them what they enjoy most about being in the band, they told me;

“That’s simple, we just love creating incredible music with great people.

There are many things, but the main one is that in this modern industry, it has very little to do with the quality of music. Once you’ve met the baseline production standard, it can tend to come down to who has the best marketing strategy and budget. We don’t let that influence the sound, but it is a cold reality”.

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