Gabriel and the apocalypse


Gabriel and the apocalypse

After a chance meeting at a time when the music industry was over saturated with commercialism, and still is for that matter, Lindy Gabriel and Jake LaCore met through different musical projects, and it was soon apparent they were both reading off the same page regarding the music industry and the direction it was going. After some discussion, work got underway to make music that had something honest and true going on, not only in the world, but within their lyrical content and the music.

And so, with their best foot forward, armed with a full arsenal experience and talent, and laced with enough raw emotion and grit to slam dunk the most hardened fan to the ground, Gabriel And The Apocalypse was born, giving us all something to think about, or even relate to. This of course depends on the perception of the listener, as music is very personal to many people, and like a good painting or work of art, will relate to the content and vibe in many different ways.

Originally formed in 2002, the band later relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota by 2011, and after a few line-up changes, as is always the case in the early days of any bands career, the nucleus of the band was set in stone and ready for their world premiere of New World Disaster, with a line-up that now consists of Lindy Gabriel – Vocals, Jake LaCore – guitar,

Figgles McGee – Keys & Samples, Zach Williams – drums and Joey Connelly – guitar.

As a band, their music reflects their musical influences to perfection, and all share the same inspiration ranging from

Depeche Mode to Metallica and Rammstein to PJ Harvey. Now fully equipped with a multifaceted compendium of talent,

Gabriel And The Apocalypse were set to launch themselves further into the stratosphere.

Since their formation, they have gone on to perform at The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, California and the First Avenue main room in Minneapolis, sharing stages with artists such as Lords of Acid, Orgy, Mushroomhead, Flyleaf, Filter, Combichrist, American Head Charge, Hed (p.e.), Powrman 5000, Soil, Flaw, Otep, Dope, Ventana and My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, at venues countrywide as a national touring band.

In a recent interview with Lindy, I asked her what drives them as a band, she told me;

“The need to get your creative emotions out, and the satisfaction of performing that music live. Getting a direct response to your creation from the crowd is sort of a high you can’t get anywhere else”.

So I went on to ask what the meaning was behind the band name, she added;

“Obviously themed around the book of revelation, but the way in which it is used as a device to stoke fear in the mind of the reader. The idea that humanity is prophesied to damnation and the absurd way some groups hope for these terrible events to be carried out because it is written in a book. That being said; there is a wide range of lyrical content it doesn’t specifically focus on the meaning of the band name”.

So I followed this up by asking her what they have you learnt about themselves as a band on their journey so far, she replied;

“The music business is an unstable place. Make the music you want to make for you, and don’t count on people doing anything for you, simply do it yourself”.

So with that said, I asked about their songwriting process and how they would overcome any creative blocks, she went on to tell me;

“We make demos on a laptop with various instruments until we have a song structure going, then we’ll jam the songs out as a band to finalize arrangements and stuff like that. Once all the instrumentation is tracked in the studio I will go in and record the vocals. Communication is key, try not to over think things. Sometimes you just need to take a break from something and come back to it with fresh ears and a fresh mind or a new perspective”.

Finally, I asked Lindy what she enjoys most about being in this band, and if there was anything she wished she had known, before started her career in music, she told me;

“For me the its the creative process. Making music in the studio and seeing an idea come to life.
As for the learning process, I think we would all agree to always make music for you, not for someone else”.

Renowned for the extraordinary production value of their music videos and digital media, Gabiel And The Apocalypse are constantly praised as being Visually stunning, and boast a number of high-quality music videos in their ever growing collection, with hits like Thrill of the Kill, Behind the Sun, Electro Mechanical, and their powerful rendition of the 1987 Midnight Oil No.1 single, Beds are Burning. With excellent replay value, these videos simply burst at the seams with a visual stimulus that exhibits a different facet of the band’s unconventional creativity, and still deliver the very same chaotic, head-turning performance time after time, dripping with excess aggression, sex, and the female ferocity since Lindy first breathed life into this project in 2002. Now, with a few hard-hitting albums, national tours, and a solid new lineup in the bag, the band now proudly carry the Industrial torch into a new generation.
And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, Point Three (Timelines Remix)

Melodically edgy and colourfully dark, this single leaps into action with a subtle overture of their familiar industrial sound and synthesized heartbeat reminiscent to a bygone era, brought back to life and right up to date courtesy of their Depeche Mode inspiration. Remixed from its origin, and taken from the A L P H A B I O N I C album of 2019, this track still retains the very same digital heartbeat of the day, but now offers even more digital flesh to its bones, taking their technical ability to new and exciting heights, with a further 4 tracks for our pleasure on their NEW EP Alpha Transcendence, now available for preorder on the links below.

Visually, as by now you may have seen the video above, Lindy owns every single performance, whether it be LIVE or in the studio, holding dominance to the job in hand, and completely losing herself in performance, walking us through the storyboard itself with perfect enunciation, and seducing us in sound.

Musically, Gabriel And The Apocalypse have got it pegged, as this digital soundscape with its rich infusion of ambient textures strike the air with a pulse of pure emotion, as seen and heard in its delivery.

For some, never judge a book by its cover, as this is a band that needs checking out, and a band that keeps giving, leaving fans energized from sofa to stage.

Star Rating – 10/10

Remixing courtesy of Rick Stitch Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana, Sin Quirin of Ministry/Three Headed Snake, John Wheeler, T I M E L I N E S, and acoustic remixing by GATA themselves.

To close I asked the band if there was anything else they wanted our readers to know, they wrapped things up by telling me;

“We have a lot of content out there on YouTube and Spotify etc, so check us out and follow us online found on the links below”.

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