Jasmine Rose


Jasmine Rose

Going with the flow and wearing her heart firmly on her sleeve, Jasmine Rose writes from a deep inner emotion that lies within, reflecting her heart, mind and soul through the medium of music, almost laying herself bare as her inner voice speaks to us from within. As not to label herself as being one particular genre, Jasmine tries not to overthink her performance, letting her natural ability flow in the moment, giving her music an element of interest and beauty for the listener, almost speaking as the voice of the people and giving us all something to relate to at some point in our lives.

As a young adult trying to find her way in life, and live in a world that isn’t by any means perfect, Jasmine tailors her music and lyrics around the trials and tribulations of life, displaying a multiplex of moods that take us through a varied soundscape that can be intricate, sometimes simplistic and often filled with texture and with a clear message that we are not perfect and that’s ok, giving encouragement to do your best, fight to survive and live a life you can be proud of.

Hailing from South Wales and based in Bristol here in the UK, Jasmine, born Jasmine Rose Jones first found her voice at the tender age of 3, and by 6 years old took up the Saxophone, Piano by the time she was 10 and started writing lyrics from the age of 12. Coming from an extremely musical background, her Mother, already a classically trained pianist, vocalist and performer, mentored her until she found her style. Along the way, she went on to perform lead vocal roles in various concerts and school plays, and by secondary school, Jasmine had progressed to Musical Theatre working with Performance and Dance companies across the UK and Dubai, taking her as far as Los Angeles for various workshops, all adding to her portfolio that would later serve her well.

After leaving school, this girl was hooked, and hungry to learn more, and soon taught herself how to use music software, and fast found a passion for editing music and creating graphic art. Now, utilising a multitude of talents, Jasmine takes her passion to perform to a whole other level, pushing the boundaries of her highly creative mind to the limits through the universal language of love and music, and is currently finishing a 3-year BA course in Acting.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Lana del Rey, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and

The Stereophonics, Jasmine has since performed around South Wales, Bristol, London, Dubai and Los Angeles in the last few years, in venues such as The Roosevelt Hotel in LA, The Millennium Centre in Cardiff, The Madinat Theatre in Dubai, The Pavilion in Porthcawl and performed in a West End Tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The early years in anyone’s career are the precious ones, and here Jasmine is delighted to of had Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps as her Dance and Theatre Coach and has performed with H from Steps, Aled Jones, Rachel Stanley, Tony Adams, Liam Doyle in

Camp Rock 2 in Dubai and Rob Wilshaw in Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat. Now with a passion to succeed, Jasmine wants to be the reason people fall in love with music, and fall in love with lyrics the same way she did and still does today.

In a recent interview, I asked Jasmine what drives her as a performer, she told me;

“My greatest supporters have always been my family, in particular my Mother. I have never felt confined with my music, my dreams or my passion because of the support they show me. Music is how I express myself. It is an escape to live in a moment filled with a soulful melody. Filled with whatever you want it to be. I want to live a life I can be proud of, and a life my family can be proud of.

I would like to find success from hard work and from pouring my soul into all I write”.

So I went on to ask about her stage name and how that came about, she explained;

“I like my name, I’m proud of it. Rose is a middle name for a lot of the women in my family and has been for generations”.

Although still very early in her career, I asked Jasmine what she has learnt on her journey so far as a solo artist, she went to tell me;

“I have learnt so many things. It is not as easy as just writing a song or standing on a stage. Sometimes, it can really take it out of you. The hours of writing, editing, producing, listening over and over to make sure you feel as though it’s right for you as the artist, performing, techniques, practicing and then looking after yourself, your health, and your voice. It really can be a testament to your dedication. There’s an element of fear and anxiousness, as it’s your music, your voice, your personal lyrics that is about to be exposed for all to hear. I just have to remember that at the end of it all, I’m not doing this for anyone else, I am doing it for me and whether or not my music is received well, I am still proud of it and in love with every song I write”.

So with that said, I asked her to tell me about her songwriting process and how she would overcome any creative blocks, she went on to add;

“A lot of my songs are written late at night. For some reason that is when I get a lot of my inspiration. When I feel heavy with emotion over something, it is all I can think about. Lyrics will begin to flow and I’ll quickly write them down or sing it into my voice notes app. From there, I begin to find my melody. I always write on a piano to start with, then halfway through the writing process, I start changing instrumental sounds and discover what I think elevates the emotion of my work. I then add all my harmonies, edit and produce. Once I am finished, I sit in silence and just listen to my songs. Only until it sparks emotion in me, do I know it’s complete.

I am a total perfectionist. Sometimes that’s great, other times not so much. I do suffer from writers block a lot because of that fact. Often after creating my work, I can overthink it so much that it doesn’t even sound the same anymore. However, you should never dismiss a song, everything has potential and sometimes if it doesn’t feel right then and there, it just means it’s not the time to release that specific one yet. So I hold onto all my little creations. I like to take myself away from the music for a week or so. I will then sit myself in a space that is comfortable, quiet, peaceful and a space only I occupy, and then I will begin to listen again. I will find a flow, a stream of many alternative options for the music which I save until I find the right fit. But if I could give any advice, it would be to not doubt the music you write. It is always great to want the best for your sound, but sometimes overthinking it can ruin the music in itself”.

And that brings me nicely to the album in question here, War.

This change of direction in band and sound was certainly a wise move, as what lies on display throughout this entire album is the romance of a very familiar sound with a 2021 twist of technology that keeps giving the more it’s played.
The vocal delivery from Eddie and Char, although well enunciated, leaves you hanging on to every word, in reflection of a time in your life or a long forgotten memory, crafted from the creative mind and pen of a true observationalist, who simply takes life, and makes it sing.

Musically, this overture of originality colours the airwaves in many ways, with a rich tapestry of sound that soothes the soul, frees the mind, and at the same time keeps feet tapping and the air punched from sofa to stage. With many pleasing preludes of perfection teasing the start of each track, this album ticks all the right boxes in a multitude of genres, with every song a multifaceted manifestation of musical masterpieces.

Star Rating – 10/10

Star Suggestion-

If ever there were four tracks to tempt the listener into buying this album they would be-

“Through It All”, “Blind”, “War”, and Burning Embers.”

To close, I asked the Eddie if there was anything else he wanted our readers to know, he wrapped things up by telling me;

“We’re loyal to our fans, make friends with us, we love chatting to new people, we’re always happy to help so just ask.”

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Eddie And The Wolves a try for 2021.


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