Jeff Pennachio


Jeff Pennachio

Taking his experience of many years to a whole new level, Jeff Pennachio tailors a multitude of inspiration within a rich soundscape of musical prowess, treating us to a first-hand view through a window into a truly creative mind.
With the same dynamics and dramatics as a soundtrack, this EP tells a story in sound, taking the listener on that very same musical journey of self-discovery that lead Jeff to this project, as he expands on a great many ideas with a unique and diverse flow that sets out his success as a composer, bringing him closer than ever before to the silver screen.
Known as the guitarist for Design The Void, Jeff formed his solo project in 2017 from his base camp in Saratoga Springs,

New York, during his time performing in his cover band The Stay. The band was started by their keyboard player, performing standard Classic Rock songs for fun, and performing a few large shows in a two year period.

In that time, his creative juices were set on fire, and with his best foot forward, Jeff felt the need to strike whilst the iron was hot and get his material heard and out to the masses.

This back catalogue of ideas and inspiration all came to light between 2016 and 2018, and as the band weren’t steering themselves towards original material, his inspiration only got stronger to create his very own instrumentals, and soon work got underway on small compilations for potential future work, releasing his music to the public two years later.

This EP draws on many inspirations from Dream Theater, Plini and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and now fully in the driving seat, Jeff steers this project utilizing his ability as a multi-instrumentalist, displaying his talent on various guitars, bass and programming. Jeff hopes to showcase his work alongside his main Progressive Deathcore/Metalcore band Design The Void, based in Kane, Pennsylvania when the world returns to its feet.

In a recent interview, I asked Jeff what drives him as a performer, he told me;

“Definitely the guitars. With guitar as my primary instrument, it made it super easy to compose these parts the quickest”.

So I went on to ask what inspired the title of the EP, he went on to tell me;

“The EP title Setting The Stage describes the image I heard from this music composed. I knew I wanted the cover of the EP long before I had thought of releasing it. I could almost see the image immediately”.

Clearly here, Jeff is a performer with a vast range of experience, so I went on to ask him what he has learnt about himself on his journey so far in the music Industry, he went on to add;

“Upon the release of this EP, I’m definitely curious as to how much feedback I receive. I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that it inspires, that is some of the most meaningful points in my music career. With positive feedback, I am definitely going to want to get started on the next set of material”.

I followed this up by asking what process he uses as a composer and how he would overcome any creative blocks, he told me;

“Inspiration can strike anywhere. Once I have an idea, I just take it and run with it. I then carefully craft ideas out of the idea or riff developed and will take as much time as needed for it to be sure it’s exactly what I want before I even begin the production process.

I tend not to force the writing or creative process. I firmly believe that if you want quality, it’s a craft that takes time to really solidify what you want. With creative blocks overall, I usually will take a couple of days break and then regroup some time later to develop new ideas. Usually, this works out quite well”.

With that said, I asked him if he would have the same persona on and off stage, laughing, went on to add;

“I think people will just have to decide for themselves. The stage is where everything really comes to life. I’m not even aware of how much fun I’m having until I’m up there. It’s a completely different thing”.

So I went on to ask what he enjoys most about either being in a band or as a solo composer, and if there was anything he wished he had known before starting his career in music, he went on to tell me;

“I love that this gives me a different creative outlet from Design The Void. I compose a lot for the band, and am extremely proud of all our work. But this EP definitely gives a new light on my other styles.

How I should have started a lot sooner. It’s a tough journey, but I believe with the right attitude and guidance between friends and networking, I think everyone definitely has a great shot”.

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And that brings me nicely to the EP in question here, Setting The Stage.

This album strikes the air with a multitude of emotions that lift the heart, mind and soul and elate the heaviest of hearts.
The ambient textures that are interwoven throughout, supported by the triumphant energy of the solos, create an almost ethereal afterglow that lift ones emotion to levels of euphoria. Painting that perfect picture in sound, each track that walks you through the storyboard itself, which here would be in visuals alone, allowing the listener to create their very own journey of tranquility straight from the hand of its creator.

There is a mood of positivity running through the veins of every track that almost harness your innermost thoughts, giving strength and hope to the beholder, adding a touch of colour to your day, lifting your spirits and resetting the psyche.

It need not be said that this is a touch of genius, as this is truly evident in all 3 tracks on display in this EP. But what can be said is this is the work of a true professional and a credit to a creative flare that knows no bounds, with an ostentatious display of obbligato that’s uplifting in every sense of the word.
These tracks need to be scored, as the silver screen is waiting as Setting The Stage, is now Setting The Standard.

Star Rating – 10/10

Star Suggestion-

If ever there was a track to tempt the listener into buying this ep, it would be – “Interpossition”.

To close, I asked Jeff if there was anything else he wanted our readers to know, he wrapped things up by telling me;

“Thanks so much for checking out my EP, and/or all the music I’ve mentioned in general.

Definitely check out my Facebook page as well as my website listed below. I also offer guest services for featured guitar solos, individual instrument tracking, composition, and more. Thanks for reading”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Jeff Pennachio a try for 2021.

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