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PBF Music – Pushing the ‘good old days’ to Present

We all love music, that’s more than obvious. We love the way the melody plays with our ears, the way the lyrics wiggle and bury their way into our brains and we can’t get enough of the way the instruments take control of our body, enough to make us play them in ‘air’ mode (Well, whether we admit that or not).  
But, unfortunately, people seem to have an odd assumption that without major recording studios, we can’t have amazing songs. Great studios like Abbey Road Studios (Foo Fighters, Elton John and Michael Jackson recorded here) all started off small and with artists who had yet claimed their sound. Besides, that odd assumption is simply false. Legendary music and songs originate from immense artists who firmly believe in what they create. Amazing music births from artists who have had stupendous support from the studio in which they create such beautiful music in. PBF Music Studios are now the local fairy godmother of recording studios in Pembrokeshire and South-West Wales. They’re a great opportunity to widen the door into the success of the music to budding local artists. Therefore, offering them the chance to grow and express themselves through their music. And, luckily, it allows us to find fresh talent to fall in love with, listen to obsessively and cover our bedroom walls with their pictures! We all still do that… right? Anyway, those are my views on what PBF Music offer, but more importantly, here’s theirs: 
“We’re offering a respectable range of new and pre-loved instruments and amps, strings and accessories, guitar servicing and repairs, instrument tuition, live sound hire and recording and production services. Next year, we will be setting up a music school and launching a music foundation.” 
By offering second hand (or “pre-loved”) musical instruments, PBF Music engages Pembrokeshire’s community to play music. This can benefit a person in mainly two ways: one of which is that music acts as a practical type of therapy due to the calming and smoothing nature it can have on our minds. But, most importantly it is a pretty cool skill to be able to show off with at a party!
“we aim to be so much more than just a music shop”
After 15 years of working together in South Wales’ music scene, some awesome people have decided to come down to Pembrokeshire, to build on our music Scene in their uniquely awesome “own way”. Inside the store, you will meet some of these people, for example, Joe Thompson who will take the role as the proud Manager in store and you could see Bob Murphy, who will stand firmly by his side as the Assistant Manager.
So, why did a group of friends decided to devote their time to creating PBF Music?
“The main reason for launching PBF Music is that we feel Haverfordwest both needs and deserves a music store, but we aim to be so much more than just a music shop. When we were teenagers there was an amazing, eclectic live music scene that spawned many great bands that went on to achieve great things, although many of these bands have since disbanded, many individuals who cut their teeth on the local scene have gone on to have very successful music careers since. Throughout 2019 and beyond we are set to roll out various platforms to try and rejuvenate the ‘good old days’.”
Do remember your ‘good old days’? They’re different for individuals, but mostly music brings you back to these days. The days can be your favourite era of music, to your favourite discovery of an album. But it can also be a place where the music comes from- where you bought your first or favourite instrument, or where you unearth your love for a certain live artist or band. Well, what if the ‘good old days’ were the present? As well as the future? And at your doorstep? PBF Music offer you to expand and live your ‘good old days’ out in South and West Wales. They have a possibility of allowing the talent filled public of Pembs to create music that has the potential for us to adore.

“Energise the Pembrokeshire music scene”

These days we aim to live everyday as a great one, we want another memory to cherish in our brains when we’re older and unable to go out and make such marvellous memories. Whether we’re conscious of doing so, that’s our daily goal, every single day of the year. For our future. So, what’s the long-term aspirations for PBF Music and their future? 
“Our ambition is to launch a music school that encompasses everything from instrument tuition to music technology, we aim to set up a foundation that will allow students to apply for ‘tuition sponsorships’ free of charge and to energise the Pembrokeshire music scene by holding regular live music events with an aim to bringing High profile artists to the area.” 
PBF Music is a momentous movement to go forward in our homegrown music scene. It puts all local artists and bands in the position to make themselves known and aware in the chaotic and strenuous music industry. It gives each person of any age or culture, a chance to expand their musical intelligence and talent, which is something rather inspiring. If you’re someone who’s a melomaniac, a rising band/artists, or simply someone who is looking to start up a new and impressive musical skill, here’s the information on PBF Music:
Address- 17 riverside arcade, bridge street, Haverfordwest, SA61 2AL (Opposite Argos just across the river) 
Opening hours – Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm or find us on Facebook
Seize this chance to guide your musical artistry forward with PBF Music, because along their colourful and enchanting rainbow-like journey you shall share together, you just may end up along a pot of musical gold. 


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