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With a clearly defined sound in the world of Black Metal, Plague Weaver embrace their strong connection with some original Black Metal roots, whilst also introducing some stylistic choices of their very own that brings something for everyone within the Metal genre, displaying a full range of unique and diverse ideas, giving the listener an aggressive yet atmospheric experience.

Based in the greater Toronto area of southeastern Ontario, Canada, and formed in 2018 by RM, work soon got underway to deliver a traditional Black Metal sound through a modern Doom inspired aesthetic. After a few releases, and preparation for a full-length release, JC joined the RM as a vocalist.

The early formation of the duo was set as a studio project to build material to later take on the road by 2019, but due to our current global pandemic, all bookings have been halted for the unforeseeable future, but hope to cover Ontario, as soon as the world gets off its knees, so for now the duo consists of RM , Guitar, Bass, Keys and JC on Vocals.

JC first picked up the bass at 16, soon finding his Metal voice shortly after, inspired by Akercocke, Cattle Decapitation, Lord Worm and Cryptopsy to harness the power, emotion, and control needed.

RM started playing metal in the early ’90s, performing in many bands over the years, swapping between guitar and bass along the way, adding keyboards to his repertoire a little later, leaning on influences from Dissection, Monotheist, Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia, Celtic Frost, Triptykon, Bolt Thrower, Candlemass, Samael, Incantation and anything Industrial, Dark Ambient and Ritualistic in sound.

As a band, their music is one and the same, with a lot of riff-driven sections traded with atmospheric passages.

The vocals, however, are approached from a more modern perspective, with ’90s and 2000s Death Metal, and modern

off-chutes and subgenres of Black Metal, all shaping JC’s vocal style, combining their different tastes, to create something new.

In a recent interview, I asked RM what drives him as a performer, he told me;

“I basically want to make music that I’d like to listen to as a fan. For many years I played mainly death metal, but I always felt that I missed something in this formula. Plague Weaver has become a kind of a projection of my idea of dark and heavy music where I can pursue ideas that I wouldn’t be able to do before for many reasons”.

So I went on to ask what the meaning was behind the name, he went on to add;

“The main inspiration was to recreate the overall atmosphere of music. The band’s name was based on my interests in medieval times and the impact of the plague on every aspect of life. The plague ravaged human civilization in such a way that it’s interwoven into our history throughout multiple centuries. So now we want to weave plague with our music”.

With that said and with previous experience in the industry, I asked JC and RM what they have learnt as a band on their journey so far, they went on to tell me;

“This album’s writing and recording process has taught me that decisions on musical choices are best made carefully.
Taking our time on how we wanted to craft some of these tracks is really what helped it get to a happy completion.

The band has existed for just over two years – that’s a pretty short time. I’ve learnt a lot from my previous band experiences.

Being in many bands gives you perspective – you can learn from your own and others’ mistakes and try to improve yourself.

I definitely learnt to work better as part of a team. Bringing in another member really opens the music up to a wide range of possibilities”.

So I followed this up by asking RM about their songwriting process and how they would overcome any creative blocks, he told me;

“Once a track is close enough to completion, barring any minor tweaks, JC starts arranging vocal patterns. We then spend the next little while making small changes, and eventually move on to the next song before returning for more revisions.

Listening to something strange, or music I don’t generally like, or heard in a long time usually helps as It’s pretty important for me to forget about something completely for a while so that I can come back to it with a clear mind. So, I’ll try to listen to anything that is a different style of music and that utilizes different instruments. To overcome any blocks is simple, I just wait.

I don’t like to rush things, and I feel that the art functions better when the ideas come to me naturally”.

Based on the nature of their music, I asked the boys if this reflects their personalities, JC went on to say;

“Definitely not, I’m a pretty quiet and down-to-earth person. Not a Rock Star by any means”.

RM added;

“I think I’m the same Metal Head on and off stage as it’s the same energy, however, it’s not so easy to Mosh with an instrument strapped to you”.

With that said, I asked them both what they enjoy the most about being in this band, JC told me;

“RM writes music that really allows me to be creative with the vocals. That’s probably the best gift a band mate can give you, preparing their sections in a way that will compliment yours”.

RM added;

“I’m creatively free. I have enough time to make everything the way I want, and I’m not totally dependent on others and we understand each other musically, in a way that really improves Plague Weaver”.

Finally, I asked them if there was anything they wished they had known before starting a career in music, JC replied;

“I definitely wish I wasn’t so hung up on what listeners might think. In my early years, I thought I had to make a certain style of music, or do things a certain way. Now I realize it’s much more appropriate to create for myself and hope others like it than to create with the intention of gained approval”.

RM went on to add;

“Making music is an expensive hobby that will consume all of your time. This is a work of passion, and it’s important to prioritize the other facets of life”.

To buy the album, click the artwork

And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, Point Three (Timelines Remix)

Melodically edgy and colourfully dark, this single leaps into action with a subtle overture of their familiar industrial sound and synthesized heartbeat reminiscent to a bygone era, brought back to life and right up to date courtesy of their Depeche Mode inspiration. Remixed from its origin, and taken from the A L P H A B I O N I C album of 2019, this track still retains the very same digital heartbeat of the day, but now offers even more digital flesh to its bones, taking their technical ability to new and exciting heights, with a further 4 tracks for our pleasure on their NEW EP Alpha Transcendence, now available for preorder on the links below.

Visually, as by now you may have seen the video above, Lindy owns every single performance, whether it be LIVE or in the studio, holding dominance to the job in hand, and completely losing herself in performance, walking us through the storyboard itself with perfect enunciation, and seducing us in sound.

Musically, Gabriel And The Apocalypse have got it pegged, as this digital soundscape with its rich infusion of ambient textures strike the air with a pulse of pure emotion, as seen and heard in its delivery.

For some, never judge a book by its cover, as this is a band that needs checking out, and a band that keeps giving, leaving fans energized from sofa to stage.

Star Rating – 10/10

Remixing courtesy of Rick Stitch Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana, Sin Quirin of Ministry/Three Headed Snake, John Wheeler, T I M E L I N E S, and acoustic remixing by GATA themselves.

To close, I asked the boys if there was anything else they wanted our readers to know, they wrapped things up by saying;

“Thanks for checking in with us. This new album Ascendant Blasphemy comes out on February 26th.

Stop by our Bandcamp or YouTube for more updates listed below”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Plague Weaver a try for 2021.

To close I asked the band if there was anything else they wanted our readers to know, they wrapped things up by telling me;

“We have a lot of content out there on YouTube and Spotify etc, so check us out and follow us online found on the links below”.

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