Michael Radioplay Perkins

Michael Perkins has graced many a stage over the years, from festivals to pubs and clubs around the south coast of England, wowing audiences with his back catalogue of covers and originals for our pleasure.

Since the age of sixteen, Michael has been perfecting his craft, but never satisfied with his technique, started to burn the midnight oil until he got it just right, But, it was only in the last six years that Michael’s performance, technique and style started to shine as he raised the bar somewhat to push himself further in his abilities. This attention to detail in those early years are precious ones and has most certainly paid off, turning Michael into the proficient performer you see and hear today.

From Edenbridge in Kent, here in the UK, Michael moved around a fair bit spending ten years in London before spreading the following eleven years over Liverpool, Brighton and Chatham, before finally settling in Portland in Dorset where he is now based. With Brit Rock coursing through his veins along with sixties rock, Michael is equipped with a whole host of inspiration to help him on his way, including Oasis, The Verve, Coldplay, Paul Weller, Travis, pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles to name but a few, but although brought up with this sound, Abba and Country Music was a big part of Michael’s childhood through his Mother, along with Rock, Classical and Reggae from his Father. Now with a back catalogue of sound and multifaceted collection of inspirations, Michael was well on his way into creating a style of his own.
In talking to Michael recently, I discovered that although he performs at a great many venues and festivals around the South of England, that he still has a passion to busk, so went on to ask him to tell me a little more about his experience In this;

“I love busking, it’s where I have the most fun performing as a street level musician, the people are lovely and give me a huge boost. Complements such as You have a lovely voice, Keep up the good work, You sound amazing, and my favourite so far You are better than you think keeps me going. Busking keeps my feet firmly on the ground and any money given helps pay for my studio time, so for everybody whos donated, and that includes school children who are the next generation of stars in the making, and for this I thank you and hope you enjoy my new single”.

In a recent interview, I asked Michael what other music he listens to that has helped him on his journey;

“I got in to the hip hop scene while being at school and started being known as a hip hop dj scratching and mixing then when I turned 18, I started to go raving in London and started to mix garage music. Not long after that I picked up a guitar again and started to learn some Oasis and Verve songs. I had a go at writing my own material and worked out and studied how to put a song together, no one has shown me, it just happened, and now years later, I’ve finally thought it was time to record. Dorset is stunning, so walking around there is amazing, plus I go to Barcelona in Spain a lot to see the football team and just chill and soak up the atmosphere, such friendly place and I have made good friends there. I don’t claim to be a genius or an amazing artist, but I love making music and will continue until I’m old.”

I went on to ask Michael what the meaning was behind the stage name, his answer was intriguing to say the least;

“I started calling myself RADIOPLAY about 6 years ago when I played a gig. Someone came up to me and said I sounded like you’re off the radio and as I like and play some Radiohead, I woke up the next day and came up with RADIOPLAY. I had never wanted to use my real name, it’s only since I started to have a show on my local community radio Weymouth’s AIR 107.2 that I started to use my name
Michael Radio Play Perkins”.

Michael has performed at many festivals over the years, but with a day job to think about the gigging circuit takes a back seat and just treated like a hobby.

To close I asked Michael what he likes doing to relax with a somewhat busy schedule;

“I like to read, watch films and TV shows with The Sopranos being my favourite, must have watched it countless times. I also like walking and spend a lot of time in the Dorset countryside with its breathtaking scenery. Spain is another popular one with me and I visit Barcelona allot to see the football team and just chill, it’s amazing there, such very friendly place with many a good friend made along the way”.

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And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, This Life.

Beautifully pieced together, this track touches on many things we can all relate to in many ways and the struggle life sometimes can bring. There is a certain mournful glow to this single creating a heartfelt mood that makes the perfect canvas for this well painted track giving comfort for the lonely and strength to the lost.

The many years spent listening to classical music with his Father have most certainly paid off here as the use of cello, and strings throughout set the scene perfectly featuring a wonderful Cello solo setting the mood perfectly. Lyrically, this single has been written with a creative flow, lulling the listener into a thoughtful frame of mind enabling them to drift away in thought hanging on to his every word.

In all this single has all the elements of success firmly ingrained within the very fabric of this single from mood changing Cello to spirit lifting strings to the sadness of the solo violin. This all pieced together forms a very thought provoking track giving the vocals time to speak from the heart.

So, put RADIOPLAY on your wish list for this year for there will be so much more coming from the genius that is Michael Perkins.

Star Rating – 10/10


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