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Ditching any dogma, and taking their creativity to an incontrovertible level, Reality Grey hold on to their identity with a firm fist, giving each song its very own individuality throughout every album produced, and as an X – Metal band that’s the way it has to be, with experimentation key. Set as an outlet to vent their anger from their teenage years, these boys say it as it is, up front and personal, and now, older and wiser, the boys still express that very same rage and disillusion LIVE and direct with a brutal display of extreme musicianship with a melodic heart.

Although dedicated to Tolkien’s world, they reach out to many different genres to colour the storyboard and add to the drama both Live or in the studio with music making the connection stronger.

Formed from the ashes of a previous project in 2004, founder member and guitarist Anto Addabbo felt the need to get back in the saddle so to speak, and so with his best foot forward enlisted his original vocalist Tommy Montenegro and bassist Alex Giustino to set the nucleus of the band. After a chance meeting with guitarist Albo Pinto and drummer Francesco Inchingolo, work soon got underway recording their first demo just one month after getting together, putting the band on the map in their local scene. Based in Bari, on the southeastern tip of Italy, in a region called Puglia, the band was born, and perfectly timed with the area sporting a very nice Metal scene that oozes inspiration.
Tommy first hit the mic at seventeen in their first project, with influences from Max Cavalera and At The Gates coursing through his veins. Now, fully accomplished, he sets the standard with influences from Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel.

Anto, after many years dreaming and using the old faithful tennis racket to practice his style, first picked up his axe of choice aged 18, using a Grassroots Explorer – James Hetfield edition by ESP which is now part of an extensive collection.

Alberto has a more eclectic view, with influences ranging from the violent side of Thrash/Death Metal to Hardcore, to the more intellectual side of Progressive, Post Rock, Fusion, Jazz and Ambient, along with the more rock n roll side of Punk Rock, Grunge, Stoner and Hard Rock, with good old Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Western, Surf, Rockabilly and Swing to complete the set, and feels it’s important to sound different and personal.

Alex, started playing bass at around fifteen years old, with influences from Dream Theater’s John Myung and Steve Harris.

These early influences are very important in any musician’s career and still resonate in his style today.

Francesco first started pounding the skins at sixteen, leaning on Kollias and Deathcore drum styles, along with Jazz drummers to refine his technique, all helping to create his thunder and conduct the band from the riser.

As a band that originally formed in the middle of the rise of the Melodic Death Metal era, influences came from In Flames,

Dark Tranquility and Children of Bodom. But although they were placed within that genre, they soon developed their own sound after experimenting with synthesizers and clean vocals, and so, inspiration now comes movie soundtracks.
Since that time, the boys have shared stages with some very well-known bands in the industry such as Deicide, Unearth, Municipal Waste, Sick of It All, Malevolent Creation and Rotting Christ, to name but a few. This led to a headline tour in Japan in 2014 in support of their album Define Redemption.

Now, with that very same passion to succeed the band are still pushing the boundaries within their music, with a line-up consisting of Tommy Montenegro – Vocals, Anto Addabbo – Guitars/Clean vocals, Albo Pinto – Guitars, Alex Giustino – Bass and Francesco Inchingolo on Drums.

In a recent interview with Anto, I asked him what drives them as a band, he told me;

“The need to express ourselves and be heard as much as possible”.

So I went on to ask what the meaning was behind the band name, he explained;

“It stems from the job crisis we had here in Southern Italy in 1990/2000. As a result, we experienced a lot of crime. The future for a further 18 years was very bleak with a general apathy in the populous that shrouded everything in a dull grey reality – So after switching the words around, our name was born”.

I followed this up by asking Anto what they have learnt about themselves as a band so far in tthe music industry, he went on to tell me;

“We’ve learnt that commitment pays off. Friendship and commitment are very important”.

With that said, I asked Alberto about their songwriting process and how they would overcome any creative blocks, he told me;

“Usually, Anto and I provide riffs and ideas to start the song. Sometimes we meet in the studio and we work on the idea we have, then slowly they take their form as a song. I guess it’s the same for Anto, sometimes I have ideas for almost an entire song, so we met to discuss and arrange it in the studio. Then we rehearse it with the other guys, trying to find out new solutions and arrangements. As for a block in creativity, sometimes just waiting helps. There’s no point to force creativity. I recognize the good moment because I just feel it in my head. I take my guitar and the magic happens. Apart from that, there are small habits that could help you stay in the loop. First of all, taking a little break from telephone and social networks! Then, taking a walk in nature, do some sport, reading, listen music and discovering new things are my favourite habits to get inspired and recharged”.

To close, I asked Alex if there was anything they wanted our readers to know, they wrapped things up by telling me;

“War Of The Jewels will be released on March 19th, but the project won’t end there as we have a very long road to run yet, so

keep following us for everything on the links below”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Ainur a try for 2021.


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