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With a great amount of division in the world, Savanna Rose, with her heart worn firmly on her sleeve, radiates a strong connection with us all through her music, and a spiritual connection and passion that truly speaks from the heart in everything she does. Savanna feels this connection within us all, is present in everything on the Earth, the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars above, through a realm of energy. This is where Savanna strives to reignite that connection within everyone through her unique lyrics, as every last word is a true representation of herself, hoping the listener will feel something deep inside their hearts.

Now, with real life experiences simply bursting at the seams and waiting to be heard, each song is a true testament to lessons learnt and experiences had, speaking on many different levels, as her beliefs, opinions and morals leap of the page to the masses. Here Savanna hopes it helps many to not only understand themselves, but the world around them, as everything about her music is a true reflection of Savanna herself, and only writing songs that mean something on a deep, spiritual level, Savanna truly feels that if you want to be moved and feel something, then this is the music for you.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Savanna Rose Carlton has been playing piano from a very early age, and with no long term formal training would spend many long hours sat the family piano which became very special part of not only her life, but her development as a performer, later progressing to Flute, Trumpet, Ukulele, and some Guitar and furthering her skills as a songwriter, slowly building a back catalogue of original material that would later serve her well in the future.

At 10 years old, the decision was made to audition for a musical, and although always suffering from self-doubt, after the opening night, this girl was hooked, and soon went on to perform in many more musicals, choirs, and marching bands.

But it wasn’t until the release of her first album in 2014 that Savanna truly started in her career as a solo artist. Once a couple albums were written, she soon became interested in recording and releasing her music, and with help from her brother showing her the basics, the journey began. Now, self-taught and self-produced, she pieced together her first album called Haunting, and since that time has come on in leaps and bounds, all found evident in the performer you hear today.

Inspired by Billie Eilish, her sound, lyrics, and personality truly resonate within Savanna, along with artists such as Lorde, Lolo Zouaï, Kesha, Maggie Rogers, Demi Lovato, and Halsey, all fuelling her fire and passion to succeed.

As a singer/songwriter, Savanna has many influences, which are more specific as a performer. But never feeling the need to be flash and put on a large show, Adele and Amy Winehouse would be perfect examples of this, with more of a need to feel connected and up close and personal with her fans.

Since that time Savanna has played at The Severance Hall with the Cleveland Orchestra and performed two shows at The Foundry in Lakewood and Wilbert’s in downtown Cleveland, but due to the pandemic, further performances have been curtailed for now.

In a recent interview I asked Savanna what drives her as an artist, she told me;

“Definitely to move people the way I have been moved by other performances. I remember seeing Grouplove Live, one of my very favourite bands. After that concert, I felt like a different person. They made me feel things I hadn’t felt before, and think of concepts I had never considered. Not only did their lyrics move and change me, but their performance brought me more joy than I can explain. Same thing when I saw Twenty-One Pilots Live. And that is exactly what drives me as a performer, to give that feeling to others”.

I went on to ask was the shortening of her full name for a stage name something that was a more personal decision, she explained;

“I went with Savanna Rose for my stage name, which is also my birth name, because I want to be my true self. I want to be authentic and real, and be able to connect on that level with fans”.

I followed this up by asking what she has learnt about herself as a performer on her journey so far, she went on to add;

“I’m a shy person, so as a performer I tend to take a bit of time to warm up to a crowd. That being said, once I have warmed up, which doesn’t take an excessive amount of time, I can really let loose. My best performing comes as I warm up to those I’m singing to, and feel like I’ve made a bit of a connection to the crowd. As you can tell from my previous answers, connection is very important to me. I’m a huge empathy, so the energy of the crowd will also greatly influence my performance”.

With a great many artists using different techniques, I asked Savanna to tell me about her own personal songwriting process and how she develops a song, and also how she would overcome writers block, she went on to say;

“Well, my process has kind of evolved over the years. When I first began, I would start with a chord progression on the piano. Then, I would pick a subject or feeling that was heavy on my mind in that moment, and write about it. Now, I choose to write my lyrics first. I’ve come to find I can be more authentic that way, and I actually end up coming up with a better melody too. I have hundreds of notes on my iPhone of songs I’ve written while in the car, or laying in bed, or at work, or wherever else. Whenever the lyrics begin to flow through my mind, I take the time to stop and write my song. The most meaningful lyrics have come from this process.

As for alleviating a creative block, Instead of forcing myself to sit and write a song, I let the songs come to me. Now, I do still try to write one song every day, or at least every week. When I sit down to write those songs, and nothing is coming, I do a bit of meditation. This opens my mind so I can access these thoughts that I’ve had racing through my mind. I can slow everything down and really pick out what I’d like to write about”.

I went on to ask if she has the same persona on and off stage and what she enjoys the most about being a performer, she told me;

“Yes, definitely, I really prefer to be my authentic self. So if you know me off stage, then you know me on stage too, and vice versa.

I love the raw aspect of being a performing artist. Completely opening yourself up to a crowd of people you’ve possibly never met, and may never meet again. Sharing this experience with them, and connecting as passing souls on this huge floating orb in space.

There’s something very special about that”.

Finally, I asked if there was anything she wished she had known before starting her career in music, she told me;

“ This is something that many people have told me and still tell me to this day, but when you’re younger you don’t always believe, or take any advice given so seriously. But I would say most importantly, I wish I knew how hard it was going to be.

It wouldn’t have stopped me, not for one second. But maybe I could of at least been a little more prepared. I try not to have any regrets, or wish for things that are impossible to have at this point though. There is no going back, and therefore I chose to live in the now”.

And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, Okay Again.

This is a song that we all need in our lives right now with its summertime vibe and clear message of never giving up and chasing your dreams. The track breezes in beautifully with the sound of the sea, and takes care of business from the get go with a very tropical mood courtesy of a synthesized pan pipes, instantly painting a very tranquil picture, and warming the coldest of days.

Vocally, and perfectly enunciated, Savanna walks us through the storyboard with an almost dreamy demeanour, allowing us to hang on to her every word, with a subject we can all relate to, and a tonal quality reminiscent of the sound of

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, something I am sure she would be delighted to hear.

Musically, this track demonstrates Savanna’s hard work in learning the tools of her trade, with a keen ear as to what sounds right relating to the mood of the lyrics themselves, and could quite easily see this as a dance track in the future.

Lyrically, with less is more the order of the day, this song and its simplistic flow needs for nothing more in getting its message across, as it speaks of starting again, putting your fears to bed and believing in yourself.

Not intentional I’m sure from its origin in composition, the track also conveys a message of hope in our current crisis, and that we will all be “Okay Again”.

To close, I asked Savanna if there was anything else she wanted our readers to know, she finished up by saying;

“I just want to say, to anyone who wishes to pursue music in any shape or form to never ever give up, believe in yourself no matter how hard it becomes, no matter how many times you get turned down. Remember that you are worthy, you are capable, and you always have been. Believing in yourself is the very most important step in making your dreams a reality. Speak positively about yourself, both outwards and inwards. Don’t allow your mind to sway to the negative”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Savanna Rose a try for 2021.

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