Action packed and bursting with energy, Seasons most certainly stand out from the crowd, and take pride in producing music that gets audiences and listeners pumped as they spread their word to the masses.

The sheer intensity of their music reflects the hard work ethic they have towards performing, and something found evident Live and Direct, and straight from the footlights as they explode across the stage, pinning any hardened rock fan to the back wall of the arena. Completely seasoned themselves over many years in the industry in various other projects, Seasons take a lot of pride in everything they do, with every track nurtured to perfection before released to the world, and with Nothing Less Than Perfect always the order of the day.
Live, the band aren’t backward in coming forward, with the whole experience being described as In Your Face, as the boys are committed to you getting your money’s worth, every single time.

Formed by founder member Matt Poe in 2017 and based in Richmond, Virginia, Seasons can usually found performing across the state of Virginia and North Carolina with a view to hit the east coast when the world returns to normal.
Previously, Matt had been in and out of various bands for years, but after a long break, the decision was made to give it a try again, and soon paired with drummer Randall Sykes and original guitarist Matt Gregory, forming what became the first version of Seasons. As is always the case in any bands career, members come and go, but after a few lineup changes, the final line-up was set in stone, and with Randall now on vocals, the band now consists of Matt Poe – Bass, Randall Sykes – Vocals,

Nick Gober-Keller – Guitar, Mark Spivey – Guitar and Joshua Woolcott on Drums.

Since that time, the boys have gone on to perform at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest in 2018, sharing the stage with Lamb of God and Flaw, and onto performances at Metal in the Mountains Festival in 2019, headlined by All That Remains, where they hope to return this summer.
Along the way Seasons have had the pleasure of sharing the spotlight with Upon A Burning Body, All That Remains,

Jonathan Davis, and again Flaw and Lamb of God, all racking up their ongoing portfolio of performances and recognition within the industry and public eye.

Nick, first picked up a guitar 14 years ago, aged 13, inspired by Led Zeppelin, and Motley Crue.

Mark, experimented with many instruments before finally finding his instrument of choice and first picked his axe around 13 inspired by Attila and Wage War.

Joshua, first started to pound the skins at 15, and although other instruments furthered his interested in music, it was percussion came naturally and slowly cut his teeth with Lamb of God by his side.

Randall, first started his journey in music at 13 as a drummer, but it was after finding his voice aged 18, that he soon found his passion to sing, with AC/DC mentoring both interests.

Matt, first picked up the guitar 23 years ago aged 10, migrating to bass by the time he was 15, inspired by Sevendust and Beartooth to develop his career.

As a band, their individual inspirations play a big in their style with Slipknot, It Dies Today, Boston, Polaris, Fit For a King, A Day to Remember and Bring Me the Horizon forming the nucleus to their sound today.

In a recent interview, I asked the lads what drives them as a band, they told me;

“We all are just driven by creating music we are excited about. When you are excited about your product, I think it drives you to want to promote it because you want others to enjoy it as well”.

So I went on to ask what the meaning was behind their band name, they replied;

“The name Seasons has to do with the elements associated with each season of the year. Summer represents fire (heat) while winter represents ice (cold). Spring represents life while fall represents death. All of these elements together constitute the environment we live in. The way we think of the band is that each member brings certain elements to the band that are critical for the band’s success. And like seasons throughout the year, the band is constantly changing. I think we are always evolving, learning and growing to become better performers and artists”.

I followed this up by asking what they have learnt about themselves on their journey so far in the music industry, they went on to tell me;

“The pandemic has taught us how badly we really want this. Obviously it’s been hard on bands financially since they can’t play live shows. Playing shows is the bread and butter of a band like Seasons. But I think the fact that we’ve stuck it out through this weird time in music has helped us prove to each other how badly we want the band to be successful”.

And that brings me nicely to the single in question here, Killing Season.

Written from the perspective of the fictional masked murderer Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise, this single instantly leaps from the cellophane and straight for the jugular, loaded with references to different aspects of Jason and events throughout the movie.
Laced throughout in a cacophonous compendium of harsh discordancy, this track strikes the air with enough force and fury to split the atom, wasting no time getting its point across as if an advocate for Jason himself. And although a brutal attack on the senses, the chorus displays a very anthemic overture making this single a very memorable experience.
Musically, Seasons are at the top of their game here, offering a musical master class within their genre, with multifaceted layers of syncopation and dynamics throughout, and ingenious use of cinematic voice tracks to set the mood.

Vocally, Randall projects his fury as if from Satan’s hollow itself, with a scorching display of screams and growls that would even stop Lucifer in his tracks.

But why use the story line to Friday The 13th, why not a storyline of their own?
I think that’s better revealed by the band themselves in our closing statement below.

Lets face it, this track has been sliced, diced and served in your face.

Star Rating – 10/10

To close, I asked the lads if there was anything else they wanted our readers to know, they wrapped things up by telling me;

“We are excited to say that our latest single Killing Season will be featured on the soundtrack for the movie Friday the 13th,

Vengeance 2, directed by Jason Brooks. The movie is scheduled for release in the fall of 2021”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Seasons a try for 2021.

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