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Getting Smart for your Art

Many budding musicians of the world often struggle trying to find the perfect collaboration, or find themselves endlessly seeking out a band they can showcase their talents with. At the same time, many bands of the world often experience this very same problem, endlessly seeking that perfect axe man, drummer or vocalist.

Phil Waters, Nik Voisey, Glyn Radford and Dean Lawrence have the perfect plan, and currently head up The 505 Collective, which is much more than 4 guys from Port Talbot, Wales, here in the UK.

The 505 Collective is a project that began late 2019, and the goal is to elevate Neath Port Talbot and the surrounding areas as the number one source of performance-based talent in the country, if not the world.

Recently, on behalf of Stargazer Music Magazine, I caught up with Dean to get a wider focus to what this was all about, he told me;

“To facilitate this, we call upon our ever-expanding network of specialised mentors to work with local artists on all manner of projects. For example, you might be a singer looking for original material. You might be a band looking for a singer. You might be a guitarist looking for a band. You might need some help getting your fan page or social media in order. The 505 Collective network will help you find the right people, and connect you with their mantra, Getting Smart for your Art”

So I went on to ask when this project was launched, he replied;

“We planned a high-profile launch gig at Taibach Rugby Football Club, to showcase local original talent, and have an open meeting about what future projects we could work on. However, those plans were completely scuppered, when the global pandemic took hold, and put us in lockdown, resulting in many having to work from home and isolate from the outside world. That should have been where this project ended, but instead it encouraged us to produce a radio magazine show that could stream online, where the public could comment and come together in large numbers, sharing their love for music and the arts, and where staying in was the new going out. For weeks, the Tune in – Turn on – Clock out show as it was originally called, was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube at 5 past five every weekday, to all the coworkers for their dedication during these unprecedented times. This grew into a very loyal fan base, who were asking for more. That’s when The 505 Collective promptly started working on an original track and music video, and so Doom Beats BOOM was born, which proudly made its debut on Friday, August 14th, 2020, on the 505 Radio Show”.

But this team of visionaries have given this a lot of thought, and although have pretty much taken the bull by the horns here, didn’t let it hit the ground running until they were sure they had enough to offer, and nothing better would be a video and accompanying track, to demonstrate what can be done, as Dean went on to explain;

“The idea of the track and the video was to show prospective clients what can be achieved when a network of people share a common goal. In addition, we wanted the launch track to have local references, written in a generic way that would be understood by local people, and wouldn’t put off the wider audience. Our intention was for this to be a smash, and make people sit back in awe at what could be achieved, and to formally invite anyone who might want to be a part of The 505 Collective. So stay tuned for the next offering as a fan of new music and art”.

To close, I asked Dean what sort of response they have had so far, he told me;

“To say we have been shocked by the response is an understatement, but it’s had the desired effect, and has already encouraged others into the arts and started to provide a worldwide platform”.

In all, this project has all the elements for success, and something that is going to help a great many in their careers, created for music lovers by music lovers. And as you sit back and enjoy the video, why not check out their Facebook page to see first-hand what it’s all about, and the good work they do.


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