The Landore Social Club


The Landore Social Club

Almost tucked away out of sight is a little gem of a music venue setting the pulse of the local scene.
The Landore Social Club, South Wales here in the UK, situated just outside Swansea on Neath road, is a hive of activity, buzzing with such a passion for music you could almost cut it with a knife. This little gem of a club sports a large comfortable lounge, substantially sized bar and stage and is responsible for promoting the most incredible talent coming out of Wales today. With regular performances, this multi genre ‘d club boasts a wide array of acts across the board treating us to some of the best original and covers acts on the local gig circuit. Monday evenings promote the fresh NEW talent in the area courtesy of The Welsh Factor Open Mic and Development Academy, displaying talent of all ages as they come through The Welsh Factor Talent Competitions hosted by Gareth Thomas and Anna Marie Thomas of The Welsh Factor and compered by Johnny Bevan, an entertainer singer and comedian who tours the length and breadth of the country entertaining the masses, and now offers his services via The Welsh Factor helping the youth of today reach their goals and follow their dreams as singers.  Not to be confused with a Karaoke night, the open mic night is not only designed to showcase said talent but gives each performer a chance to road test new songs before taking them further within the competition building their confidence in the field, before hitting the big stage. What I experience there at the club is a venue with the same vibrancy of London clubs and culture of similar clubs in Brighton with a warm friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


There are too many fly by night agencies popping up everywhere with no weight in the industry which can be very damaging to an artist trying to make it. We are all global these days through social media, but when The Welsh Factor with 44 years in the business and Stargazer Music Magazine with 25 years promotes you globally, it’s directly into the industry itself through their contacts in the field right across the board. The Welsh Factor have sent artists across the globe and have promoted the best in the industry. Stargazer Music Magazine‘s Managing Director Ian Davies International Music Journalist has written for a great many magazines around the world and has received International Acclaim and Global recognition for works to date, and now writes for the high profile and A list celebrity artist, all coming through the magazine, so you will always be read by the right people in the industry. Here, you will be nurtured and cared for with your very best interests at heart and will be in the best hands in the industry. 

One thing you will find whilst at the club, is not only are you welcomed with open arms but are made to feel part of the family, by not only the staff and performers, but their families also, to such an extent you dont want to leave ,with a delicious menu to boot.

Vocal advice and Live training is given there on the spot on the night, so you are not left alone wondering how to improve yourself to reach your own personal goals. 
The whole evening is a mixing pot of talent with a truly magical outcome, especially for those just starting out, with a nurturing quality where dreams are truly born. 


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