Paying homage to the sounds and styles they grew up on, the New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal that are

Corners Of Sanctuary, display a modern twist of the original classic Heavy Metal sound based on a random choice and personal whim, rather than any logical rhyme or reason, with a sound and style comparable to the glory days of Heavy Metal, giving the band an authentic edge that other bands may not have.
This spontaneous flow opens the doors to a wider spectrum of music listeners, covering many sub-genres within the rock world, and found evident within many of their shows, in a fusion of well-known styles.
Throughout their music, they send a message of believing in one’s self and never giving up, as their very own self belief in all they do, reflects that anything can be overcome, and what they have accomplished is simply because they decided to believe it was possible and now keep heads rocking’ and the feet stomping.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and brainchild from a solo project, Chris Watt soon realized the potential in what had been a labour of love since 2019, and soon enlisted his good friend of many years, Tim Yunker to help on vocals.

As soon as the nucleus of the band was set and they had a clear vision that they were onto something, Chris contacted old friend Emily Gould for drum duties, forming the trio we see and hear today. By 2020 they stepped into the studio together for the first time with explosive results, teaming up with Chris’s brother Tyler Watt for backing/scream vocals, along with a few acoustic performances.

Chris, Tyler and Emily all have very broad musical tastes, ranging from Country to Metal with Tim leaning more towards Gospel and Soul and the Hip Hop world as well, all performing since the tender age of 10.

As a band, the aim is to have the most powerful and dynamic music possible, as inspirations fall on Breaking Benjamin,

Linkin Park, and From Ashes To New.
Due to the current global crisis, any Live performances have been curtailed somewhat, yet performances locally for this summer are already in the pipeline, with a line-up that now consists of Tyler Watt – Vocals, Chris Watt – Vocals/Guitar/Keys, Tim Yunker – Vocals and Emily Gould on Drums.

Frankie first found his voice singing in high school, and has always drawn from a wide spectrum of genres including Metal, Jazz, Rock, Old School Country to music so far Underground that you would need a search party to find him.

But this hunger to seek out many different styles has served him well, turning him into the quality vocalist you see and hear today.

Mick originally started his journey into music on drums at seven years old, switching to guitar around 12, leaning on

Judas Priest, Kiss, Accept, Savatage, Dokken, Twisted Sister, Queensryche and early sound of Ratt, to mentor his style.

But the love of Neil Diamond, Barry Gibb, The Beatles and guitarists such as Jake E Lee, John Sykes, Criss Oliva, Ace Frehley and

K.K. Downing, only furthered his versatility and creative flow, sculpting him into the performer you see and hear today.

James started on guitar around 13, switching to bass at 14, and since that time has developed a very diverse and eclectic style, taking his inspiration from AC/DC, ZZ Top, Pink Floyd and even Barbara Streisand, allowing him to now cut that perfect groove with wingman Mad T on drums.

Mad T started pounding the skins since he was 12, learning his craft with Heavy Metal and Power Metal by his side, which has now shaped this band’s style over the last five years. Drawing on Hammerfall, Sabaton, and Falconer to set the standard,
Mad T displays a tight, syncopated flow with partner in crime James in the rhythm section.

Collectively, pioneers such as Judas Priest, Accept, Dio, Iron Maiden and Kiss set the pulse deep within the band, and tailor their style by the examples set by the legends that have paved the way. Each member brings their own individuality to the collective, and as a result is what makes Corners of Sanctuary tick in sound and style

In a recent interview, I caught up with Mick to ask him what drives them as a band, he told me;

“It’s the music, we love what we do, we love the music. We decided early on that the music is greater than any one band member, and what is best for the music takes precedence over anything else. We have found that if we stay true to that, everything else seems to fall in place, and it’s worked so far”.

So I went on to ask what the meaning was behind the band name, he went on to add;

“A corner of sanctuary is a place each of us can go to be who we truly are, without the worry or fear of judgment and ridicule from those around us. They are sacred places, and can be whatever we want them to be, real or imaginary, and can be anything or anywhere we want. They are safe places and they are empowering. For us, as a band, music is a Corner Of Sanctuary and we want to share that space with others with the hope that they might find our music as well”.

With that said, I asked Mick what they have learnt about themselves as a band on their journey so far in the industry, he went on to say;

“That is takes teamwork to make the big things happen. Doing it alone can be possible but it is far greater if the journey is shared.

It’s an amazing opportunity I have been given to work with the people I am working with currently. We have shared so many experiences together and it creates a bond that couldn’t be forged otherwise in my opinion”.

I followed this up by asking about their songwriting process and how they would overcome any creative blocks, he explained;

“I don’t think it’s much different than anyone else’s process. A large majority of the time it starts with a guitar riff for us.

Though we have had times when the lyric came first or even, in some cases, at the same time. It’s an organic process for the most part, at least in the beginning stages until something worth pursuing is achieved. That’s when things start to become more calculated and arranged. However, there is a point when things become organic again, this usually takes place in the studio, during the recording process and before everything is finalized for post-production. Once things are recorded the song begins to take on a new shape, a new life, sometimes even a new sound. Recording often brings a new perspective on the songwriting process and we have learned to use it as a value refinement tool. It’s pretty cool watching it all unfold. If we come across any creative blocks, we just push through, because that is how life happens. I have always believed that if you’re focused and committed, blocks are easy to overcome. It goes back to a matter of believing, like Mickey said to Rocky, See yourself doing right and you’ll do right. Either that or deal with it with a big hammer.”

So with such a dynamic performance on stage, I went on to ask Mick if they have the same persona on and off stage, he went on to add;

“For the most part, yes. There may be some slight variations here and there, but for the most part, they are one in the same for us.

At the end of the day you have to be true to yourself, and by being true to yourself, you are in turn being true to others. There is never a need to look over your shoulder. We aren’t characters in a movie or a comic book, we are just four guys who are doing what they love to do”.

Clearly, what we have here is a band that enjoys every moment of what they do, so I asked Mick to be specific and tell me what they enjoy most, and if there was anything they wished they had known before starting their career in music, he went on to say;

“This band is not afraid to try new things, different things. It goes back to the music being the main focus, not anyone band member. It’s all about the music. Without that, there isn’t a band. There are many things we wish we had known for sure. Most of which you don’t really learn until you’re smack bang in the middle of it all. The thing is, would we have listened if someone had told us when we started out, most of us would have just brushed it off, ignore it, or said It’s not gonna happen to me – famous last words”.

Single available from the 26th February and the EP available on 12th March by clicking the artwork below

And that brings me nicely to the EP in question here, Blood And Steel.

If you like your origins of Rock, then this ep would be the envy of many in your collection, and never destined to gather dust for one moment. This collection of tracks has all the attributes of what will be a well-played ep, evoking a memory or two for many rock fans, as it instantly transports you to a bygone era of Rock that’s being kept alive by the boys themselves.

From start to finish, this ep takes care of business as originally intended within its genre all those years ago, capturing the same dynamic from its origin and is a perfect example of the sound of the day, and what gave birth to this band.
The full process from studio to stage is a true recipe of love, brewed from the same cauldron, characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass and dynamic drums, and power chords.

Throughout, you can almost smell the atmosphere of the venues of the day that hosted bands of this calibre, as the ep projects that very same gritty imagery bespoke to the era, taking the listener on a whistle stop tour in the mind that only says one thing, and that this tried and tested recipe, that has stood the test of time is here to stay.

Star Rating – 8/10

Star Suggestion-

If ever the was a track to tempt the listener into buying this ep, it would be –
“We All Shall Fall”.

To close, I asked Mick if there was anything he wanted our readers to know, he wrapped things up by telling me;

“First off, thanks so much for Stargazer Music Magazine taking the time to talk with me, it was a real pleasure and greatly appreciated. It has been amazing so far to say the least, and we count ourselves as being truly blessed not only to have been able to work with such artists, but to have the chance to share our music with so many people.

The EP we speak of here, Blood and Steel – volume one will be released digitally on RFL Records (US) so be sure to check it out and will be available from 12th March but the single itself will be out from the 26th of February.

We plan to follow up with a volume two sometime this summer.

But with 2021 being our 10 Year Anniversary, we also plan to do a number of things throughout the year, definitely stay tuned.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support of this band and the music over the last 10 years.

You are all amazing, and here’s to so many more together. Stay safe, stay strong”.

So why not clear a space in your collection and give Corners Of Sanctuary a try for 2021.

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